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Quantifying the economic and cultural impact of live entertainment in Ireland for the first time, this work is a ground-breaking independent piece of research.


It has taken eighteen months to come to fruition and has involved high level contributions from across the live events industry in Ireland. The purpose of the project is designed to gain the public’s recognition and support for Ireland’s live entertainment industry and in particular its artists, musicians, performers and the supporting industry as a whole: to provide the industry with a snap-shot-in-time benchmark document against which the sector can be measured, and which is designed to benefit the overall industry and also to provide an important credible educational tool for Colleges, Universities, Research Bodies etc. to use. It has been distributed to 4,568 educational & research bodies nationwide.

It includes contributions from (in alphabetical order):


Peter Aiken, Panti Bliss, Michael Bublé, Ian Dempsey, Denis Desmond, Michael Flatley, Larry Gogan, Hozier, Paul McGuinness, Lord Henry Mountcharles, Brendan O’Carroll, Daniel O’Donnell, Danny O’Donoghue, Michael O’Leary, Ryan Tubridy, Louis Walsh, Marty Whelan, Laura Whitmore & Robbie Williams.

"Using a very comprehensive and robust dataset, this study highlights the turnover of these industries, the number of jobs created as well as spill-over effects on the rest of the economy. Live performance is clearly shown to be a valuable business sector." - Professor Andrew Burke, Dean & Chair of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin

"An astonishing, fascinating reveal of how much Entertainment Events contribute to Irish Culture, Jobs and the Economy at large. Hugely valuable.” - Broadcaster Pat Kenny


"Let’s Celebrate is a landmark, ground-breaking independent piece of new research, that comprehensively establishes for the first time ever the enormous cultural and economic contribution that people working within the industry make to our society. Very informative, stimulating, a wonderful document. I enjoyed it immensely.” - Miriam O’Callaghan, Prime Time RTE

The landmark campaign has been downloaded, viewed and reached a combined audience of over 3.5 million since it was launched.

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"Playing in Ireland is always one of the highlights of my tours. I always look forward to coming to Ireland, the crowd is always amazing and there seems to be an incredible connection between audience and performer. Ireland has a special place in it’s heart for live music.”

Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams, Aviva Stadium

Photo credit: Paulo Goncalves


Let’s Celebrate was conceived, written and co-ordinated by Justin Green/Wide Awake Communications, Dublin-based consultants. Wide Awake Communications are an independent private global communications company owned and run by Justin Green, who has upwards of twenty-five years direct experience working in the communications industry delivering a professional, dynamic, creative and innovative range of skills, advice and services.

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